U.S. Senator says UFOs could pose a threat to national security

The chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee says the Pentagon and the public want to know more, not less, about UFOs. Florida Senator Marco Rubio has had multiple closed-door briefings about unknown objects flying in restricted airspace.

Watch the Tic Tac, Gimble, and Go Fast UFO/UAP videos

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) officially released three videos that show unidentified flying objects in April of 2020. The videos were initially released years ago thanks to the efforts of Luis Elizondo and reported by Mystery Wire.

Joe Rogan talking about UFOs, Skinwalker Ranch, and other mysteries

It was the day before Christmas, 2009. Television personality Joe Rogan, best known at the time for hosting Fear Factor, sat down with comedian Brian Redban and recorded his first podcast. Now, more than 1,500 podcasts later Rogan has proven to be one of, if not the most popular podcasters around the world. One of the reasons Rogan has attracted such a wide audience is his willingness to cover almost any topic, controversial or not.

New York Times report shines more light on government UFO program

The long-awaited New York Times article on the government’s involvement in researching everything UFO has been published. The New York Times article’s authors, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, write at length about information that has been circulating in UFO circles for many years, but which has previously been ignored or unsubstantiated by mainstream media.

Skinwalker Ranch remains a puzzle to scientists after years of study

MYSTERY WIRE — A ranch in northeast Utah has been the site of many strange sightings, including UFOs and beasts that defy explanation. The Skinwalker dossier So what exactly is a skinwalker? It’s based on a Navajo culture and beliefs about evil deeds. Read more about skinwalkers here, and how they can take the form […]

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