Area 51 a top destination for U.S. ‘UFO tourism’

Area 51

Owner Joe Travis outside the Little A’Le’Inn. (KLAS-TV)

MYSTERY WIRE — Las Vegas ranks as the No. 4 tourist destination in the U.S. in a recent report by, behind New York, Chicago and Charleston, South Carolina.

But another Nevada icon sits atop a list of top tourism destinations. For UFO tourism.

Area 51 — which didn’t officially exist until 2013 when the U.S. government admitted it was operating a base north of Las Vegas — is tied with Roswell, New Mexico, as the “big two” on the UFO tourism circuit, according to National Geographic.

Competition for the “gray dollar” — a reference to a common description of aliens’ appearance — is heating up, the magazine reports.

The Extraterrestrial Highway sign before it was replaced in November, 2019.

The #StormArea51 event on Sept. 20 solidified landmarks like Rachel Nevada‘s Little A’Le’Inn, the Extraterrestrial Highway and the Area 51 gate among the must-see places on the tour.

A trip to Roswell and a guided tour will get you all the info you need on a reported crash of a flying saucer in 1947. The wreckage and the remains of aliens are part of the draw to Area 51, based on the science-fiction classic, “Independence Day.” Believers say Area 51 stores ships and bodies.

NatGeo reports that Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, and Sedona, Arizona, are two more popular locales for UFO fans.

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