Australia’s ‘Storm Area 51’ fizzles with small crowd

Area 51

A Google Earth View of the U.S. military base in Australia targeted by a “storm” event.

MYSTERY WIRE — A U.S. military base known as the “Australian Area 51” has, judging by the few accounts available, survived a “storm” event that never managed to get the viral support that “Storm Area 51” rallied in Nevada.

A report on indicated just a few hundred people responded to the Facebook event targeting the base just west of Alice Springs in the Australian outback. Mysterious Universe reports that about 150 people showed up.

As the Nov. 27 event fizzled, officials turned their attention to a second event on Nov. 30. While it is probably headed for the same fate, the weekend might change see a bigger turnout.

Northern Territory MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Gerry Wood told the NT News that alien hunters would be disappointed at Pine Gap.

I don’t think the Americans are worried about finding aliens. I think they’d be more worried about China and the Middle East. … Besides Alice Spring would be an uncomfortable place for aliens to be, it’s too hot.

And, like the base in Nevada, “You’ll also get in trouble if you storm that place, it’s a secure site,” Wood warned.

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