DRONE VIDEO: Stage being set for event near Area 51 in Hiko, Nevada

Area 51

Area 51 Basecamp set up in Hiko

HIKO, Nev. (AP) — A stage is being set for Earthling visitors who are beginning to descend on the Nevada desert for “Storm Area 51” events galvanized by an internet hoax.

Alon Burton and his band Wily Savage wrestled a tarp Thursday over a wooden frame covering a stage near a motel in the tiny town of Rachel. Burton says bands will play until midnight.

Hundreds have arrived in the desert after a Facebook post inviting people to “see them aliens” got widespread attention and gave rise to festivals this week.

Area 51’s secrecy has long fueled fascination about UFOs and conspiracy theories. The military has warned people not to approach the protected site.

The motel is booked and camping fees have gone into effect on the property. Several dozen campers in trucks and trailers staked space for free on federal land nearby.

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