Extraterrestrial Highway sign returns, shiny and new

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MYSTERY WIRE — When the Extraterrestrial Highway sign was taken down on Sept. 12, at least one Tweet described it as an alien abduction.

Now, two months later, a newly fabricated sign is up in its place, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation. And it’s got a silhouette of a Stealth bomber and the spaceships are missing.

It’s near the intersection of State Route 318 and State Route 375, just northwest of U.S. 93 in Crystal Springs in Lincoln County.

The sign was removed before “Alienstock” and #StormArea51 invaded the area around Rachel, Nevada, drawing several thousand people over a 3-day period. NDOT officially said it was removed to prevent traffic jams that would have occurred as people stopped to take pictures with the iconic sign.

Tourists and alien aficionados had plastered stickers across the old sign — along with some graffiti — and the sign was no longer readable, and NDOT news release said.

The new sign, 8-foot-long and 3-foot-tall, is taller to reduce vandalism.

The Extraterrestrial Highway is a 98-mile stretch of SR375 between Crystal Springs and Warm Springs.

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