LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Investigative Journalist George Knapp of 8 News Now gives viewers a look at roads and services around Area 51 in advance of the proposed “Storm Area 51” movement on Facebook. The group says it hopes to find and release any aliens that might be on the secret military base. The event is scheduled for Sept 20.

(One addendum: The map created for this story was very basic and did not include certain details.  It correctly included a general outline showing the size and location of Nevada National Security Site (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site) but it stopped short of showing how NNSS intersects with the Nellis Air Force training range. Area 51 is part of the Nellis AFB range but it is located outside the boundaries of the NNSS.)  

The area north of Las Vegas is vast, unforgiving and remote. That’s why the federal government chose that location for it’s super-secret military base.

Knapp, who has been covering Area 51 longer than anybody else, points out vital information about the various locations for public access around the base. Area 51 itself is off-limits.