Lawsuit might follow #StormArea51, but events posed few problems

Area 51

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The #StormArea51 social media phenomenon wrapped up after several arrests, several accidents and a heavy police presence. There was no large-scale attempt to invade the heavily guarded military base that’s about two hours north of Las Vegas.

Local and federal authorities say the events ran smoothly. No one knew just how many people would show up, but Lincoln County had to be prepared after the excitement over a Facebook post that drew worldwide interest.

The I-Team has learned that Lincoln County might sue Matty Roberts, the man who created the Facebook event, to help recoup the cost of the resources used over the weekend.

Fewer than 10 people were cited for trespassing near Area 51. The number of injuries and arrests were much fewer than anyone expected, considering the million-plus RSVPs on the Storm Area 51 Facebook page that started it all.

Jarod: “I’m totally going to storm, we’re going to the gate later …”

Vanessa Murphy: “Really?”

Jarod: “I’m not actually gonna set foot over the boundary, because I don’t want to go to jail.”

Lincoln and Nye counties, the U.S. Marshals, Nevada Highway Patrol and other agencies collaborated for quick planning, and the mysterious military base was heavily guarded.

The Alienstock event planned by the Little A’Le’Inn attracted at least 3,000 people in Rachel.

Visitors had to be prepared with food, water and fuel.

Scott Hawkins decided to capitalize on the event, offering gasoline and diesel for $8 per gallon.

As the temperature dropped at night, dancing continued both in Rachel and 40 miles down the road in Hiko.

World renowned D-J Paul Oakenfold performed at the Alien Research Center Friday, where turnout was much lower than expected. He shares an interest with visitors who made the journey from places across the country.

“He’s the one that’s real fanatical about it,” said one North Carolina woman visiting with her husband. “He would love to be abducted … not me, but him.”

Numbers on how much this all cost Lincoln and Nye counties are not yet available. One Lincoln County commissioner said he’s impressed with visitors cleaning up after themselves. He said visitors left it cleaner than they found it.

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