MYSTERY WIRE — Area 51 has been a top secret government base too long and now the military wants to show it off. This is the basic plot of a new live radio production.

Area 51 has been known internationally for decades and covered extensively here on Mystery Wire. Now, it is the subject of a new theater production that will air on NPR Radio.

KNPR is the Las Vegas based NPR radio station producing the production. KNPR and the Las Vegas Philharmonic will broadcast what it calls the “live theater on the air production of LIVE FROM AREA 51! that depicts KNPR’s Joe Schoenmann as the first visitor ever granted access to the world’s most well-known secret base.”

“The Department of Defense says they simply want to put an end to stories of “little green men” and extraterrestrial reverse engineering. Then what really goes on behind closed hangar doors? Joe plans on finding out, and soon realizes he isn’t the only visitor to make it past the gate.”

The original score for LIVE FROM AREA 51! is composed and arranged by Las Vegas-based composer Jennifer Bellor and will be performed by members of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. It is directed by Kate St Pierre.

Donato Cabrera, music director of the Las Vegas Philharmonic, spoke with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas about the production.

Live From Area 51! will be re-broadcast Thanksgiving day on and locally in Las Vegas on 88.9 FM.