MYSTERY WIRE — Private pilot Gabe Zeifman took to the air again flying legally through normally restricted airspace next to Area 51. This is at least the third time Zeifman has taken photographs of the once secret base and surrounding area.

In the new photographs below, you will see angles of the mysterious base taken from northwest of the base looking southeast. These are rarely, if ever, publicly seen angles of the Groom Lake area.

Area 51 from the northwest looking southeast. (Photo: Gabe Zeifman)

Zeifman lives near Edwards Air Force Base in southern California and is an ATC (air traffic controller) who has been flying since he was in his teens. During each flight in this area, he asks for and receives permission to cross through restricted airspace. He also records his flights with a GoPro camera with his audio where you can hear him asking for and being given permission. He maintains both a private and commercial pilot’s license.

In the flight video below you can hear Zeifman speaking with Nellis ATC and being told to avoid the restricted airspace where Area 51 is located but being allowed to fly directly next to it. Nellis identifies Zeifman’s plane as “November 7-7-0” as he heads toward Rachel, NV.

Zeifman told Mystery Wire as he flies along the truly restricted border, his main thought is just being careful to not cross. He said if a pilot were to cross into restricted airspace it would end up being a very bad day. He gave Mystery Wire a long, but good answer about what he believes would happen if he had crossed the line in the sky, “So I wouldn’t expect anything like the dramatic like they’re going to shoot you down.”

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