MYSTERY WIRE — Bob Lazar’s statements about alien technology being tested at Area 51 have been attacked over the years, with some critics saying Lazar isn’t credible and there’s no proof he ever worked at the secret base.

Dave Fruehauf, former SR-71 Blackbird pilot.

A new video interview with former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Dave Fruehauf takes a step toward establishing Lazar’s story.

Fruehauf says he knows people who have recently told him they saw Lazar at the secret S-4 site south of Area 51. He says he was aware that the people who worked at that site used the same transportation — JANET airlines — that Area 51 workers use, but that group boarded a bus to go elsewhere after landing.

That account aligns with Lazar’s statements about how he got to work every day.

Critics are quick to point out that Fruehauf, didn’t know Lazar himself, and so his account is second-hand information.

The source of the video is unclear, although it appears to be produced by the makers of “Ancient Aliens” of the History Channel.

Corbell appeared on the Mysterious Universe podcast Friday (Nov. 29, 2019) to promote a film that includes clips from Lazar’s interview with investigative reporter George Knapp, posted on Mystery Wire when the website debuted earlier this month. See the entire series, “UFOs: The Best Evidence.”