Storm Area 51 costs another rural county almost $364,000

Area 51

MYSTERY WIRE — Another southern Nevada county is adding up its costs surrounding the September, 2019 event known as Storm Area 51. The Nye County Commission voted to move money to the county Sheriff’s Office and Department of Emergency Management for fiscal year 2020.

In all, Nye County officials outlined that they spent almost $364,000 in emergency expenditures that were not budgeted.

According to KNPR, Nye County Commissioner Debra Strickland suggested asking Facebook to pay the bills. Facebook, is after all, where the idea of storming Area 51 originated. “If it were not for Facebook, we would never have had this come down,” Strickland said, “They allowed those postings to stand against the federal government – a walk onto a federal site. They are the ones who allowed that, and I have not been on Facebook since they allowed that, I will let you know. Facebook is not our friend.”

Nye is not the only county footing the bill for this event. In March, Mystery Wire reported the cost for Lincoln County, home to Rachel, NV where the main Storm Area 51 event was to happen, is $196,092.79. Nye County’s total cost is $363,924.07.

Mystery Wire reported many times on the Storm Area 51 event. In early March,  Lincoln county commission began talks on how to handle a proposed second event in Rachel, the community closest to the gates of Area 51.  Commissioners delayed voting on a declaration expressing opposition to any similar events in 2020, but will take it up again later, according to Joerg Arnu, a vocal opponent of Storm Area 51 who attended March commission meeting.  Arnu’s website has posted his opposition since last year’s event. Lincoln County wants to hear from promoters before ruling out music events or any kind of repeat of last year’s Facebook-inspired events.

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