What could possibly go wrong with ‘Storm Area 51’?

Area 51

Editor’s note: Originally aired July 30, 2019, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

MYSTERY WIRE — Thousands of visitors are expected to descend on Lincoln County on and around Sept. 20 in response to the “Storm Area 51”  Facebook post created in late June. 

The concept quickly went viral and, to date, more than 3 million people  have expressed an interest in participating in the event, even though its creator has made it clear the idea started as a sarcastic joke.

Matty Roberts started the “Storm Area 51” Facebook page. (KLAS-TV)

Storming Area 51 is a daunting task, in light of the extensive security measures that are known to exist around one of the world’s most secure and classified military facilities, as well as the warning signs which note that the “use of deadly force” is authorized. 

After the Air Force took over 89,000 acres adjacent to Groom Lake, these signs went up warning people to stay out. (KLAS-TV)

In the past, anyone who has crossed the line and tried to enter the base has been quickly intercepted. Area 51 is ringed by high tech sensors, cameras, motion sensors, and other  warning systems, as well as formidable security forces armed with powerful weapons.

Joerg Arnu is the creator and webmaster for Dreamlandresort.com, one of the best-known digital forums devoted to Area 51, military technology, and government secrecy. Arnu lives in Rachel, Nevada, the little town that is in the shadow of the Groom Lake base. He has developed a network of well-placed sources familiar with  Area 51, and recently told investigative reporter George Knapp about the many obstacles that should discourage anyone from trying to slip across the line.

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