The U.S. Army’s efforts to camouflage vehicles could go high-tech with its new cooperative agreement with To The Stars Academy. reports pursuit of technology to improve “camouflage, concealment, deception and obscuration” capabilities of Army ground vehicles.

Think: Invisible.

And TTSA Chief Operating Officer Kari DeLonge (Tom DeLonge’s sister) tells that “active camouflage” technologies are “a very mature capability.” Among the other technologies the Army wants:

  • secure quantum communication systems (in the design stage
  • beamed energy propulsion
  • inertial mass reduction
  • quantum communications
  • beamed energy propulsion
  • directed photon projection

Down the road, when TTSA and the Army have worked together to understand metamaterials in TTSA’s possession, new technologies could emerge to accomplish the Army’s goals. There has been speculation that these metamaterials, which existing technology hasn’t been able to create, are fragments of alien spacecraft.