With the F-22 Raptor coming to Nellis Air Force Base, could there be other super-secret machines flying in Nevada skies? Investigative reporter George Knapp has more. Aired on Feb. 11, 2002, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

To the untrained eye, this view of the F-22 Raptor tearing across the sky might look like something weird, even otherworldly.

That wouldn’t be unusual in Nevada. It was here the first U-2s were flown, the first SR-71 Blackbirds, the first stealth fighters and stealth bombers. Witnesses from the edges of Nevada military ranges have reported seeing some unusual aircraft over the past several years.

One craft that’s been seen in the vicinity of the secret Groom Lake military base looks just like the stealth fighter except it’s bigger.

Chuck Clark is an inveterate sky watcher and saw one last year.

“I saw it flying west-east across the valley about two miles out,” Clark said. “It had a chase plane, which was an F-15, and the F-15 was markedly smaller. And in reality, an F-117 and an F-15 are practically identical in size.”

Prominent aviation writers say they’ve heard rumors about a so-called super-sized stealth fighter, but the program has not been confirmed. Such a plane would be valuable because it could carry more bombs than the stealth we know today.

Clark figures the military wanted to show it off “by flying it in sight of town in broad daylight.”

“They can’t have a press conference because they don’t exist,” Clark said.

Clark and others have also reported seeing so-called black triangles the area around Groom Lake, both on the ground and in the air.

Several reports have come in from all over the country, including a case from Illinois in January 2000. Witnesses, including four police officers, saw large black objects flying at low levels emitting no sound. Some said it was triangular, others rectangular.

The incident was investigated by Las Vegas based National Institute for Discovery Science, which now has received many similar reports.

“We’ve had reports from all over the country, we’ve had actually about 200 different reports of the same thing, which is a large wedge-shaped, arrow-shaped, triangle-shaped phenomenon,” said the institute’s Colm Kelleher. “Eyewitnesses will actually run because they think the thing is going to fly into them.”

There have been scattered reports that the military might want to develop a huge lighter-than-air ship to be used for quiet transportation of bedded machines. Kelleher said the institute put the black triangle reports on a map and compared them with the flight paths of certain Air Force bases to see if there was a connection. There was.

“The locations of the sightings lined up remarkably with the flight paths between this subset of Air Force bases,” Kelleher said.

The black triangles could be secret craft not yet admitted by the Pentagon. And maybe in 10 or 15 years, or so, the military will let us all know what they are.