MYSTERY WIRE — Competition for jobs in the new US Space Force will be fierce. About 6,000 people applied for the 31 open civilian positions in the office of Chief of Space Operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond.

That’s according to More detail about Space Force jobs for transfers, enlisted personnel and officers comes from

Headquarters staff now stands at 110, with about 90 spots left to fill. When Space Force is fully staffed, it should reach about 15,000 positions. That selection process will happen over the next two years.

So what are those jobs? reported the “specialty codes” in a March 3 article.

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Those codes, as outlined by Maj. Gen. Clinton Crosier:

  • 13S Space Ops
  • 1C6 Space Systems Ops
  • 14N Intel
  • 17C Cyber Ops Officer
  • 17D Cyber Ops
  • 1N0 All Source Intel
  • 1N1 Geospatial Intel
  • 1N2 Signals Intel
  • 3D1N4 Fusion Analysis
  • 3D0 Cyber Ops
  • 3D1 Cyber Support
  • 62E Development Engineer
  • 62S Materiel Leader
  • 63A Acquisition Manager
  • 63G Senior Materiel Ldr-Upper Ech
  • 63S Materiel Leader

The positions fall into five key technical areas: space operations, space engineering, space intelligence, space acquisition and science, and space cyber.

Space Force will draw from all services as it seeks specialists, but officials have already said transfers will be voluntary.

Early indications suggest the Space Force could attract many women, with policies that “create a culture of equality and inclusion.”

“We are working right now on what we call space professionals,” Crosier said. “(The new term) won’t have ‘man’ in it. It won’t be a term like ‘spacemen.’ It won’t be a term that conjures up gender.”