Drone as big as a B-2 bomber flying over Nevada and California

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A new unmanned aircraft has design similarities to the B-2 bomber.

A next generation drone as big as a B-2 bomber is fully operational and based at Beale Air Force Base in Northern California, according to a report in Aviation Week.

Northrop Grumman developed the aircraft, using the flying wing design and incorporating stealth technology to make the aircraft difficult to detect. No photos of the aircraft have surfaced, and experts told Aviation Week their attempt to depict it six years ago wasn’t right. The aircraft is known as the RQ-180.

According to Aviation Week, the unmanned aircraft can carry a 10,000-pound weapons load while still evading radar. It has a wingspan of about 172 feet. It has reportedly been flying over California and Nevada.

The account by Aviation week has been reported by other insider sites, such as theaviationgeekclub.com and defense-aerospace.com.

Beale AFB is directly north of Sacramento and about 2 hours west or Lake Tahoe.

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