F-117 Nighthawk role in combat training observed

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MYSTERY WIRE — We know the F-117 Nighthawk isn’t really retired, but what is the stealth fighter doing in its spare time?

Further investigation on the heels of Mystery Wire’s Nov. 21 report indicates that Nighthawks are “acting as low-observable (stealthy) aggressors to challenge fighter crews during complex training and tactics development scenarios.” That’s according to Tyler Rogoway’s recent report for The War Zone.

The article quotes an observer who witnessed F-16s, F-15s, F-22s, F-117s, and possibly B-1Bs in aerial combat. By monitoring radio frequencies, the observer was able to identify the F-117’s callsign as “Knight.”

See the full report here, including photos: F-117 spotted playing stealthy aggressor against F-15s and F-22s over Nellis Range

The story includes this link to a 2010 video of the F-117 in the air.

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