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MYSTERY WIRE — Public access to satellite images is once again helping us understand new military construction in areas not open to the public. This time we are getting a look at a major update to an airbase deep in the Mojave Desert near Fort Irwin, CA.

The web site called The Drive took a close look at the new construction and the history of the changes made to the site and the nearby Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex.

According to The Drive, the new construction will support military drone testing. In one image acquired by the site, you can see what appears to be a pair of MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned drones.

MQ-1C Unmanned Aircraft
MQ-1C Unmanned Aircraft (Photo:

Mystery Wire looked at several different sources of satellite imagery and can clearly see new construction at the airstrip between 2016 and 2017. On one image found on Bing Maps, you can see construction equipment laying down a new runway on top of the old surface.

This is all happening at the airfield known as Goldfield Airport at the edge of the Goldstone dry lake bed in southern California.

This construction would not be the first time the military has wanted to use this area to support space missions. The Drive reports this airstrip has been in use since at least the 1970’s and was underwent a major upgrade in 1978.

Civilians can actually inquire about touring the Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex. On the NASA website for the complex you will find information about visiting.

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