MYSTERY WIRE — The US Navy has its own secretive base in the Bahamas with some similarities to the Air Force’s Area 51 in Nevada.

The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center — AUTEC — is even surrounded by its own mysteries involving UFOs, according to a report on Britain’s Express website:

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Just as Area 51 is isolated between mountain ranges in remote areas, AUTEC’s location affords it some privacy and a unique testing area called the “Tongue of the Ocean” — or “TOTO.” The long, deep trench with a flat bottom provides a perfect area to test sonar and communication technologies in an area free from “noise.”

The base has been there, only about 120 miles from Florida’s coast, for 56 years.

Training in underwater warfare and a weapons range add to the base’s role in research and development.

But what’s this about UFOs? Express lists a couple of rumors:

  • Claims of aliens working with Navy personnel in the deep underwater base at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle
  • Time travel experiments

Looking for more detail? Sorry, that’s it.

A more analytic look at the base comes from The War Zone in this Sept. 6, 2019, article:

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One of the primary activities that the Navy conducts within AUTEC’s deepwater ranges, formally known as the South TOTO Acoustic Facility (STAFAC), is measuring the acoustic signatures of submarines.

The War Zone