Pentagon sees cyberattacks rise as more log in from home

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MYSTERY WIRE — The Pentagon is fighting off attacks on Department of Defense networks, and saying little about the source of the attacks. During a news conference Monday afternoon, officials said the investigation is continuing.

The cyberattacks over the weekend came as more DoD employees were told to work from home, and the load on DoD networks increased. The Pentagon told workers to get off of YouTube, Pandora and other streaming services.

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The Defense One article contains much more in the way of information about the Pentagon and COVID-19.

For example, there have been no positive tests of Pentagon staff. Also, the Pentagon is operating on an elevated alert level: HPCON B, or “Health Protection Condition Bravo.” And the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home is on HPCON C.

Access to classified material is not allowed outside secure facilities and secure networks — so some personnel simply can’t work from home.

Thomas Muir, the Pentagon’s acting director of administration, and director of Washington Headquarters Services, told Defense One: “You will not have the capacity, obviously, to log on to a classified system from your home. You will be required to perform those duties at the workplace.”

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