Russian satellite reportedly spying on a US spy satellite

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MYSTERY WIRE — We’ve lived through international incidents involving ships and spy planes. Get ready for the space version of that story.

The War Zone details the case of the Cosmos 2542, a Russian satellite that has been getting closer and closer to a US satellite — a spy satellite:

READ: A Russian “Inspector” spacecraft now appears to be shadowing an American spy satellite

And the fledgling US Space Force is surely putting plenty of attention on the potential for an incident. Defense for US military and commercial satellites is one of the military branch’s directives.

But it’s not clear exactly what the Russian satellite is doing, and one observer questioned the value of the maneuver.

The War Zone quotes Michael Thompson, a Purdue University graduate student in astrodynamics, who tweeted extensively on the subject:

See the full report on The War Zone, as well as information about what the US government calls Russian “killer” satellites that may be used offensively against other objects orbiting Earth.

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