Satellite image dissected for clues to Tonopah Test Range mystery

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Observers watch in 2008 at the Tonopah Test Range. (KLAS-TV)

MYSTERY WIRE — The vigilant coverage of mysteries at the Tonopah Test Range continues to pour out of The War Zone.

In the latest post, a Dec. 6, 2019, satellite photo is examined for evidence regarding the contents of a set of hangars on the secretive air base located to the southeast of Tonopah, Nevada. (Northwest of Las Vegas.)

So far, we’re still looking at a big unknown, but it appears parts of some type of aircraft are poking out of the hangars. The image doesn’t show anything like previous satellite images of the hangars. The War Zone cites Planet Labs Inc. as the source of the image.

For more detail, see: A dozen mystery objects suddenly popped out of hangars at Tonopah Test Range airport.

Speculation ranges from unmanned aircraft — drones — to a refueling operation. The War Zone reports that much of what goes on at the Tonopah range happens at night to keep the secrets secret.

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