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MYSTERY WIRE — The US Space Force is entertaining suggestions for what to call its troops, Defense One reports.

  • The US Army has soldiers.
  • The Marines are … well, Marines. (Marines forever, by the way … no such thing as a “former Marine.” Just ask one.)
  • The Air Force has airmen. Coast Guard? Coast guardsmen. We see changes in the future. Right, women?

Officials have already nixed “spacemen” or “space cadets.”

And don’t get excited about being the winner of the contest to name the troops. The search for a name is basically internal … but hey, if you have an idea speak up.

They probably won’t go beyond that in the era of “Boaty McBoatface” — the laughable result of crowdsourcing to name a ship. Boaty McBoatface is the name of an autonomous underwater vehicle carried on the RRS Sir David Attenborough, a British ship. The #NameOurShip poll originally advertised to establish that ship’s name before officials put their foot down and went with Attenborough.

More control was used in the recent NASA contest to rename the Mars 2020 rover. A panel of judges selected the candidates before the name was put to a vote. We’ll soon hear the results, but it won’t be “SpeedRacer McMartianCar.”

Air Force Lt. Gen. David Thompson, vice commander of the Space Force, tells Defense One that they’re already close to making a decision.

There are a couple of really strong options on what we might be called and some pretty strong opinions. But what we’d like to do is ensure we’ve thought as broadly as we can, gotten the opinions of the people who matter: …the young folks who are on the console (controlling satellites) today and consider it as best we can what that ought to be before we land on an answer.

Air Force Lt. Gen. David Thompson

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