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MYSTERY WIRE — Artificial intelligence has a big future in spycraft, but it’s got to grow up first. And it’s got to grow up in the world of the intelligence community — not the business community.

Many of the best applications for AI save tons of money for businesses by identifying trends and doing busywork that would otherwise weigh companies down with overhead.

It would be nice to just use those tools in government, too. Right?

Not that easy.

A terrific new article on Defense One explains where AI is needed, and why government is such a different environment for using tools that work in the private sector:

READ: Spies Like AI: The future of artificial intelligence for the US intelligence community

Among the tasks where AI would thrive:

  • Reading and watching everything: The time-consuming task of reviewing news and information that might signal something important. (See: Three Days of the Condor)
  • Alerts on potential threats: Using geospatial analysis, AI can tell the right people at the right time about potential threats.
  • Audits: AI can be the office policeman to ensure everyone is doing everything right in filling out those forms.

Read Defense One’s report for a great explanation of the barriers ahead.

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