Stealth drone’s distinctive style part of evidence of activity over Area 51

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Area 51 at Groom Lake, NV (Photo: Gabe Zeifman)

MYSTERY WIRE — Previously sighted over the Philippines, and then Edwards Air Force Base in California, the mysterious RQ-180 has now been seen over Area 51 in Nevada.

That’s according to a report on The War Zone, where an interview with Area 51 watcher Joerg Arnu shows photos he took that show the stealth drone in flight.

Distinguished by its pointed tail, twin engines and a wingspan around 120 feet, the Northrop Grumman aircraft provides further evidence that the stealth drone is operational.

The aircraft isn’t new. Reports from Aviation Week in late 2013 first mention the aircraft and its strategic importance to U.S. Defense. The RQ-180 is likely in line to replace smaller drones that can’t reach the altitudes possible in the larger drone.

Arnu is the man behind, where you can find first-person accounts of his observations from the edges of the super-secretive Area 51.

He tells The War Zone that the direction of the aircraft suggests it might be operating out of Edwards. The War Zone is an authoritive site for news on cutting-edge aircraft and weaponry, often breaking news about stealth aircraft and U.S. defense.

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