Tom DeLonge, others give weight to UFO investigations, Elizondo says – Part 3

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In a Jan. 30, 2018, interview with Luis Elizondo, investigative journalist George Knapp asks why he chose to work with Tom DeLonge. Part 3 of a 10 Part series.

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George Knapp: Would you have left if you didn’t have a place like this to go? I mean, that’s what people ask. Why would a guy like you, your credibility, Steve Justice and Jim Semivan, why are they on stage with this rock star guy? And cooperating with him? Nobody would tell him anything serious or world shaking?

Luis Elizondo: Sure. Well, my decision to leave the government had nothing to do with coming to the Stars Academy of Arts of Science. After I made that decision to leave, I was approached. And if you were to take just five minutes and see who is part of this organization … yes, it’s an organization that was run by a former rock star … but I would also submit to you that give credit where credit is due. You’re talking about an amazing visionary.

Tom DeLonge.

Okay, people say, well, Tom is this rock star who happens to be dabbling in UFOs. That’s not the case. I think what history will show over time is that, that Tom has been one hell of a visionary and happens to be also a talented musician on the side. And I think eventually history will remember him for that. But more importantly, folks like Steve Justice, this is an organization that is building aircraft today we won’t see for 50 years, right? The best of the best. An organization has someone like Hal Puthoff, who’s a legend in his own time. I know coming up through the army when I was a young individual, not young soldier, hearing stories about Hal, truly a giant and a visionary in his career field, you know, theoretical physics, right? You’re talking about … not easy subjects to necessarily have a handle on, and these are the masters of their field, Jim Semivan, Chris Mellon, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on. You have other individuals that are part of this organization to that are not quite as public, but incredible minds. I mean, if you look at the amount of PhDs and doctors that are on the advisory board and part of the corporate structure, it’s humbling. I think I’m the only guy probably the token dumb guy, because all these folks are a hell of a lot smarter than I am. So if you’re given an opportunity to be part of a team of giants, who wouldn’t take that opportunity to help change the world in a positive way.

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