Dingxin is China’s answer to Nellis Air Force Base

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MYSTERY WIRE — A Chinese base in the Gobi Desert is the center of activity for advanced training for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

The Dingxin Test and Training Base is China’s version of Nellis Air Force Base, according to a deep profile of the base on The War Zone. In addition to traditional air and ground operations, the base is also involved surface-to-air missile training, and it’s just 45 miles away from the country’s satellite launch center.

Dingxin is roughly analogous to Nellis Air Force Base in the United States, with a bit of Eglin Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base mixed in.

The War Zone

And it’s got war games, too. China’s Red Sword exercises are similar to the Red Flag exercises that happen each year at Nellis.

If you feel like snooping a little, check out The War Zone’s extensive satellite images of the base and nearby military facilities.

One ominous feature of a nearby training range: A full-scale mockup of Taiwan’s Ching Chuan Kang Air Base/Taichung International Airport.

But before you go investigating the facts about Dingxin on The War Zone, have a peek at this Chinese government-sponsored “viral” video.

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