Red Flag 20-1 in full gear, and the view is tremendous

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MYSTERY WIRE — Now that Red Flag 20-1 exercises are in full gear at the Nevada Test and Training Range, we’re seeing some interesting reports on what’s happening this round.

Right at the top of the list is coverage from The War Zone’s Tyler Rogoway. He’s got a full list of the aircraft involved, as well as the lowdown on what some of these aircraft will be doing. See his full report:

READ: This is what Nellis Air Force Base’s ongoing Red Flag exercise looks like from space

That’s right, The War Zone has satellite imagery of Nellis Air Force Base, and the photos are great.

He’s also got information on the electronic warfare aspect of this round at Red Flag. Rogoway points out that the limited participation from allies — just British Royal Air Force and an Australian contingent — means there will probably be a lot of cutting edge techniques and technology in play.

See our preview of this edition of Red Flag, and our look back at the 1977 edition:

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