Abandoned village of ‘UFO houses’ an oddity in Taiwan

UFO houses

MYSTERY WIRE — A half-hour north of Taipei, Taiwan, you can visit Wanli, an abandoned village of houses that look like UFOs. Call them “pod houses” … but they look like flying saucers.

They are known as “Futuro” houses, and there are about 100 of them scattered around the world. Originally manufactured as homes that could be airlifted anywhere in the world, the lightweight structures were built in the 1960s.

Canadian travel video blogger Eileen Aldis offers this look at the abandoned site:

The most fascinating thing about this UFO village is that people can’t agree on whether it exists or not, including newspapers. I have read so many sources telling me that this entire village was demolished in 2010, and that not a trace is left.

Eileen Aldis, Canadian travel vlogger

Wanli was planned as an upscale holiday retreat. Construction started in 1978, and strange things began happening during the 2-year project.

It’s unclear why the site was abandoned, but a couple of theories point to possible reasons. The site is reported to be a burial ground for 70,000 Dutch soldiers. Another report indicates that a ceremonial Chinese dragon was removed from the site’s entrance, an act that brought bad luck to the area.

A report on ozy.com provides explanations that are more likely. The extreme coastal conditions on the East China Sea proved too harsh, and developers ran into problems finding investors to finish construction.

The unique structures remain, with only a few squatters as residents.

The weathered structures show damage from strong winds, with trees and bushes growing around and over many of the houses. Floors of the Futuro houses have disintegrated in the climate.

Graffiti on a low wall near one of the houses says “We want peace.”

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