‘Angel in the sky’ a captivating image

"Angel in the sky" Lee Howdle

The “brocken specter” photographed by Lee Howdle. (Lee Howdle/SWNS)

MYSTERY WIRE — This “angel in the sky” photo comes to us thanks to Lee Howdle, a photographer in the UK who shot it in early February.

Howdle photographed his own shadow on a circular rainbow, with a low cloud in the background. The result was magical.

Howdle described the weather phenomenon as the “Brocken spectre,” adding he thought he was lucky to see it. Maybe, but capturing the rare image isn’t something everyone can do.

CBS News adds that the phenomenon is classified as a “glory.” The effect is often seen by people in aircraft, according to At Optics.

Howdle, a wildlife and nature photographer, shot the photo at the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, about 20 miles southeast of Manchester.

He didn’t anticipate capturing the spectre, he told USA TODAY. He originally wanted to photograph a cloud inversion, or a sea of clouds. But as he was descending from Mount Tor, the tallest point at Peak District, he saw his shadow.

“I looked to the left of me … and there was the Brocken spectre,” he said. “My shadow was ever so long and it was … in the middle of a circular rainbow. I was shocked and surprised to see it.”

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