Artificial intelligence an intruder in our lives, report says

artificial intelligence

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MYSTERY WIRE — A new report from AI Now urges checks and balances on the race to develop and implement artificial intelligence technology.

The AI Now Institute at New York University, an organization that looks at societal impacts of artificial intelligence, argues that development has largely excluded minorities and other groups that do not have access to the technology. Companies are moving to build systems that might make important decisions based on AI in areas like health care, education, employment and criminal justice. And the biases of those “have” companies could eventually be used against the “have nots.”

Legislation is woefully behind preventing abuses of the technology. While some efforts have been made to prevent use of facial recognition, that merely scratches the surface of applications that are already out in the real world.

Read the AI Now report here.

The report outlines 12 recommendations to prevent AI intrusion.

One example outlined in an article on looks at the possibility that facial expressions read by AI technology could someday be used in the evaluation of personalities or emotions. It could even be used to screen job applicants, or track shoppers’ reactions inside stores.

Another criticism in the report: “Too often, decisions about how A.I. is used are left to sales departments and executives, hidden behind highly confidential contractual agreements that are inaccessible to workers and the public.”

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