MYSTERY WIRE Las Vegas space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow announced the creation of a new project, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies, which hopes to stimulate new research into the survival of human consciousness beyond death.

In an exclusive on camera interview, Bigelow shared with us the personal experiences–and losses—that prompted his interest in life after death, as well as UFOs.

In this excerpt, Bigelow discusses possible connections between consciousness research and the UFO subject, including the risks of trying to establish communications with the unknown.

The businessman has likely spent more money investigating the UFO mystery than any person in history – tens of millions of dollars over 30 years.  He not only gave financial support to individual researchers, but also established his own think tank, the National Institute for Discovery Science,  or NIDS.

During the NIDS era, Bigelow learned about a paranormal hotspot in northeastern Utah, a ranch where UFOs, animal mutilations, crypto creatures, poltergeist activity, and other bizarre phenomena have been reported with alarming frequency dating back many years.

Bigelow bought the property and installed his own scientific team to investigate various weird incidents.  The property is now known far and wide as the Skinwalker Ranch.

Bigelow sold the Skinwalker Ranch in 2016. During his ownership, Bigelow was contacted by  scientist employed by the DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency. The conversations between the two men eventually led to the creation of a special secretive research project funded by the Pentagon.

The program was called AAWSAP and it eventually morphed into a smaller effort known as AATIP. In our next story, Robert Bigelow addresses the AAWSAP contract, Harry Reid, and the so-called “hitchhiker” phenomenon.