Bigfoot ‘exists’ as mascot for Washington state air unit


Photo by Gnashes30 via Wikimedia Commons

MYSTERY WIRE — The Bigfoot legend is most active in the Pacific Northwest, and long ago passed into the realm of a phenomenon that drives tourism, T-shirt sales and a lot of jokes.

But the Washington Air National Guard has adopted him as a mascot, and so pronounces the end of the mystery: Bigfoot exists:

“In one very real sense, however, Bigfoot does exist. The Western Air Defense Sector, Washington Air National Guard adopted the mascot of Bigfoot and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week monitoring the skies of nearly 73% of the United States and Canada. Just like the Bigfoot of legend the sector is rarely seen and rarely heard, but rest assured it continues to observe and – if necessary – serve as a messenger of warning.”
Washington Air Defense Sector / Washington Air National Guard

Bigfoot is even a good neighbor. He’s practically domesticated:

The WADS Bigfoot Booster Club also raises funds to host a number of activities for unit members and their families throughout the year. Some of the booster club activities include supporting the unit’s annual awards banquet, summertime picnic and December holiday party as well as holding special events for the children of unit members.

Lest you forget the foreboding danger lurking in the woods, here’s a historical look at Bigfoot sightings and where they happened.

And here’s a romp through the basis of the legend from See also a database of “credible” Bigfoot sightings.

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