An account recorded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1893 makes reference to a creature that fits the Bigfoot legend, reports.

Roosevelt relates the story of frontiersman “Bauman” — a man who may have been Carl L. Bauman, who arrived in Montana in the 1860s — and his encounter with a terrifying creature who invaded his camp and killed a fellow trapper.

New York-based author Jason Colavito references the account and says Roosevelt dismissed the tale as the “superstitious mind of the backwoodsman.”

Bauman detailed the events of several days when he and his friend saw signs of a strange creature. After their lean-to was flattened and their packs strewn about, they noticed bear-like footprints. The friend noted, “Bauman, that bear has been walking on two legs.”

Bauman told Roosevelt he was awakened in the night by a fetid stench and the fleeting shadow of “a great body” in the entrance of their shelter. He shot his rifle, and the beast retreated to the forest.

After another visit to their camp, the trappers decided to leave. They separated to gather their traps, and Bauman returned to find his friend dead.