Bigfoot legend lives on, and tale keeps going new directions


MYSTERY WIRE — The Bigfoot legend has many offshoots.

Even a retelling of Sasquatch history can take you down paths to things you never knew before. That’s definitely what happens when you read:

Is Bigfoot real? The long strange story of our search for Bigfoot

The article posted in early 2019 by Popular Mechanics contains several fascinating threads to follow. We recommend it.

First, there’s the full-length video. You’ve seen the clip. But have you ever watched the entire reel filmed in 1967 that purports to show Bigfoot lumbering along the edge of the forest near Bluff Creek, California? It’s posted on YouTube, and embedded here:

Next, there’s Native American lore, summarized in the article and treated with more depth in the book, “Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in the Native Culture,” by Kathy Moskowitz Strain.

And there is the story of Grover Krantz, a professor of physical anthropology at Washington State University who paid a professional price for his belief in the creature. There’s even an offshoot from this offshoot, and it leads to something new in Bigfoot lore: A podcast called “Wild Thing.”

Laura Krantz — yes, she’s related, but she didn’t know the professor — produces the podcast about Bigfoot. No episodes recently, but the topic is timeless.

Finally, Popular Mechanics notes that the FBI kept a file on Bigfoot, and it’s available through the FBI Vault project. We don’t know if it’s the whole file.

But Is Bigfoot Real is definitely worth a read.

Speaking of something new, there’s another video to tack onto the story. A video posted Jan. 1 claims to show a Bigfoot and a baby Bigfoot. It’s out of Banff National park in Alberta, Canada and reported in this article by Mysterious Universe: Alleged Bigfoot and baby captured on video

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