Bigfoot x 2: Northern Minnesota report describes encounter

Crane Lake

The Vermilion Gorge trail near where the Vermilion River enters Crane Lake, in the Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota. (Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons)

MYSTERY WIRE — “Massively built,” 7-foot-tall, covered in dark reddish hair — and not alone.

There were two of these creatures crossing the road in front of a woman and her daughter, according to an account posted on Phantoms & Monsters. The incident happened in early April, 2012, near Crane Lake, Minnesota.

READ: Bigfoot pair cross road near Crane Lake, Minnesota

The woman was driving through the forest after a weekend stay at a lodge nearby when she slammed on the brakes as she saw them coming out of the woods. The creatures barely acknowledged the vehicle as they continued across the road, into a ditch and on into the forest.

A dock on Crane Lake in Crane Lake Township, Minnesota. (Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons)

She hit the accelerator to get out of there, and stopped about a quarter mile down the road as her heart raced. “I was shaking uncontrollably,” she recalls. Her daughter, 15, had a shocked look on her face and was not moving at all. The teen said she thought they had just seen “Bigfoot.”

The website reports that there have been sightings reported north of there, in Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park.

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