Contrail plots, chemical concerns spread despite denials — Part 2


The presence of contrails and chemtrails in the skies and what they could possibly mean prompts this report from investigative journalist George Knapp, who talks to people on both sides of the purported “conspiracy.” Aired on KLAS TV in Las Vegas on July 14, 1999. Second of 2 parts.

Across the country, suspicious eyes are watching the skies. People who might otherwise never look up are worried that someone for some reason is spraying something over major cities.

Gary Vargo talks about a day when a clear sky was eventually cloudy after jets appeared to lay down a grid pattern of contrails. (KLAS-TV)

“Somebody’s doing something. They’re spraying something, it looks like to me,” contrail watcher Gary Vargo asked.

“Why is this happening? I mean, what’s the purpose of this? And could this be harmful?” asked “Jim” who didn’t want his full name used.

And of course, that electronic rumor mill, the Internet, is stirring things up. Websites carry photos of the latest contrails from Omaha, Wichita and Las Vegas. Contrails or chemtrails? the net asks. Is this biological warfare? Are we all going to die?

“The way they just went bad forth, back and forth to me was like little Pac Man,” Vargo said.

Vargo’s curiosity about contrails began in his front yard. “It was a clear blue sky that morning and when they got done with their activity it was cloudy. When they got done the whole area was like a checkerboard,” Vargo added.

Vargo isn’t exaggerating. The sky over Las Vegas was a checkerboard on June 11. Similar formations have been reported in 11 states. On occasion, giant X’s are formed by planes that appear to be on a collision course.

Even those without a conspiracy mindset wonder why some contrails stick around instead of dissipating.

A man identified only as “Jim” speculates on the dangers of contrails. (KLAS-TV)

Another eyewitness, known only as “Jim” had this experience. “And we saw the trail just hang there for like the two hours, I thought that’s kind of weird that just stays there like that. It can’t be good. It can’t be beneficial to people to be breathing something being blown out of airplane that will hang in the air,” Jim said.  

Jim has followed the contrail controversy on the net and worries about reports that something deadly is being sprayed. “People have been reporting all over the country bronchitis epidemics, showing up in clinics and stuff all over the country,” he said.

Reports from several cities looked like a pattern of excessive contrails around the country.

Although some internet sites have reported epidemics, we couldn’t confirm any, certainly none linked to contrails. Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service Kim Runk sees no conspiracy. “There’s no government conspiracy to spread chemicals for any kind of insidious purpose,” Runk said.

The National Weather Service occasionally monitors contrails and says, yes, some contrails stay while others evaporate. “Contrail persist is a function of three things: water vapor, temperature, wind,” Runk said.

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