Couple claims bigfoot encounter in West Virginia


Bigfoot photo sparks interest in West Virgina. (Photo & drawing: Billy Humphreys / West Virginia Explorer)

MYSTERY WIRE — In West Virginia there’s new debate over a photograph a couple says shows a bigfoot. The man who took the photo says he saw the bigfoot near his home, close to a hunting blind.

Billy Humphrey, of Danese, West Virginia, told a local magazine writer, “I don’t believe in bigfoot. I 100 percent didn’t believe in it, and I said that people who claimed they saw it were crazy.”

Humphrey went on to say, “I thought it was a bear because it was tall enough that it cast a shadow when it passed in front of the light, but the light was 9 feet up, so whatever it was, it was big.” He said he didn’t question it was anything other than a large bear.

But his strange encounters were not over. He told the local reporter it happened again the next night, and the night after. The third night he was with a friend named Sheena. Sheena was the one who saw what they are decribing as a bigfoot. But it was Humphrey who pulled out his phone and snapped the picture.

Just then, according to Humphreys, the creature just walked away moaning. It would be another month before he returned to the blind. And when he did return he found it had been shredded.

Since this sighting, others in the area are coming forward to tell their stories. Some speak of an animal stealing chickens and turkeys, others tell a similar story of a bigfoot sighting when they were younger.

Sheena said she also had encountered a bigfoot before, “The first time I saw one I was about 16 or 17 and riding in a car with my mother past Babcock State Park, and I looked to my left, and he was just standing there in the woods, plain as day.” “I was so persistent about going back that she turned around, but by then it was gone. But I got a good look because we were only going 35 through a curve and it was spring, and there weren’t many leaves on the trees. The next time … it was standing there, and I thought it was a bear at first, but there were two motorcycles in front of me, and I guess they scared it because as soon as the first motorcycle passed, it stood up and cleared that creek and ran up the side of the mountain.”

It was massive, and about 8-and-a-half feet, I guess.

Billy Humphrey

According to the West Virginia Explorer, Billy Humphrey says he’ll never forget the look of the creature. “It was massive, and about 8-and-a-half feet, I guess. Sheena went and stood where he’d been standing, and she’s about 5-7. In the picture, he’s actually standing so his lower half is over the hillside. The thing was huge. It had a cone head, and it was tan under the eyes and had a barrel chest. The original photo of bigfoot you see in the Patterson–Gimlin film—that’s what it looked like. It didn’t look like some of the other photos you see.”

Now, Humphrey believes in bigfoot and says he’s sorry for making fun of other people who also claimed to have spotted the animal.

Billy and Sheena’s encounter was also recently featured on the Coast to Coast radio show web site.

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