Dead on: 3D-scanning tech will make smart phones better at facial recognition

facial recognition

MYSTERY WIRE — Facial recognition capabilities are getting better. The technology should advance far enough in smart phones by 2021 to erase some nagging faults.

The ways to trick facial recognition will shrink. Future 3D scanning technology and improved sensors will mean sophisticated masks — and even dead skin — will no longer pass for the real person. Noticing the difference between dead skin and a live person isn’t a trivial advance.

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German chemical manufacturer BASF SE, through a subsidiary named Trinamix, is developing the technology and partnering with Qualcomm to develop 3D-scanning phones, according to the CNET report.

It’s an unsettling idea to imagine my phone identifying my living skin, but as a safety and security feature that could possibly make my phone handle facial recognition-based security better, it makes sense.

The developers of the new tech say it’s their goal to make the technology affordable enough to include in all levels of devices, possibly pairing lower-level phones with 3D-capable scanning equipment.

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