Deep sea blob mystery solved


MYSTERY WIRE — Imagine SCUBA diving and coming across a massive, transparent blob which appears to have thousands of tiny live animals swimming inside of it. This is exactly what happened to a pair of Norwegian scuba divers.

For many, seeing the images the pair captured does not immediately make clear what this is. But for these experienced divers and ocean researchers, the mystery was solved relatively quick.

It turns out the see-through object is an egg sac from a giant 10-armed squid. And while in the pictures and video it’s not easy to see, the divers said they could see thousands of tiny baby squid swimming inside.

It was last October when Ronald Raash and Niuls Baadness discovered the egg sac. This story was reported in depth in the Daily Mail. They were originally diving to a World War II shipwreck when they came across the mass. Both divers are from the research group Rev Ocean. According to the group’s web site: ‘REV Ocean is a not-for-profit company created with one overarching purpose and ambition: To make the ocean healthy again. Any profit generated from our projects will be reinvested into our work for a healthier ocean.’

On Twitter, REV Ocean wrote: ‘#Mysterysolved! captain Baadnes & Ronald Raasch discovered this giant gel ball while diving in Orstafjord, which is actually an eggmass of 10-armed.’

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