Dirty bomb detectives – inside the government team ready to deploy


MYSTERY WIRE — Government officials have warned about shadowy groups seeking to use violence to inflame and exploit civil unrest. Among those watching weaknesses are terrorist organizations who have tried for years to get their hands on nuclear material for use in a so-called dirty bomb.

But the U.S. government has a team created to stop them.

The team is called NEST. The Nuclear Emergency Search Team falls under the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). NEST was created more than 40 years ago, and at that time had around 800 people from multiple agencies who volunteered to be part of it.

An unmarked building inside Nellis Air Force Base was the nerve center, the hub of amazingly sophisticated sensors and other tech capable of scanning large cities to search for any hint of radioactive materials.

The exact numbers, and identities of team members have been kept secret. NEST spokesperson Roxanne Gay said, “I can’t give you numbers. It’s a real threat that if the bad guys, for lack of a better word, know who we are.”

NEST is highly mobile and can get to a trouble spot in a matter of hours to blanket a city with satellites, or dispatch vans packed with sensors and operated by highly trained agents.

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