FAA documents provide insight into unresolved Colorado drone mystery

Colorado drones

MYSTERY WIRE — The FAA concluded that mysterious drone reports in northeast Colorado and parts of Nebraska posed no threat to military operations and at no time intruded on restricted airspace.

But they have no idea where they came from or why they were there.

In the most complete account of the investigation and witness reports that began in December 2019, The War Zone draws on documents obtained by researcher Douglas Johnson in telling the story that mystified witnesses and law enforcement in the region.

READ: Newly released FAA documents give unprecedented look into Colorado drone swarm mystery

Johnson, affiliated with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, got the documents from the Federal Aviation Administration through FOIA records requests, and they reveal some interesting details.

Sixteen counties had at least one sighting by a law enforcement official, according to the documents. The sightings reports were consistent, describing a large drone, approximately 6 feet in length. Some reports indicated the large drone was accompanied by a fleet of as many as as a dozen small drones.

Early reports described the drones flying in a “grid pattern,” as if they were mapping the area.

Concern grew over the drones’ proximity to ICBM silos in the region, and an Air Force base in Wyoming responsible for the security of the silos said they had nothing to do with the drones.

But in the end, federal involvement appeared to end with no real conclusions, other than dismissing the possibility of any military threat.

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