FAA, FBI, Homeland Security looking at Colorado drones, reports say


MYSTERY WIRE — Drones are still making news in rural northeastern Colorado, but authorities have stopped releasing official information related to the investigation until a news conference planned on Monday.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the investigation on Tuesday, Dec. 31. Denver’s NBC affiliate, 9News, reported that the FAA has stopped answering questions about the drones, citing an active investigation. Local law enforcement officials appear to be following the FAA’s lead. Denver’s ABC affiliate reported that the FBI and U.S. Homeland Security are now involved. See the Denver 7 report here:

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The drones were first spotted and reported to authorities on Dec. 17, when reports started to come in to Sedgwick County officials, according to the Denver Post.

The Post first reported on the drones on Dec. 23, and interest in the story has grown steadily since. The Post continues to lead regional coverage of the story, although Denver television news has chimed in on laws that apply and reaction to the story in the rural communities. The New York Times, CNN and BBC have all jumped on board.

The Post published an account of their effort to track the drones on its website Friday. The story visits a “mostly empty Colorado town: Last Chance” in search of the drones. Officials tell the Post they are “coexisting” with the drones until the investigations get somewhere.

Based on the patterns that have been observed, authorities expected to find the drones flying further south, but that hasn’t happened yet, according to the Post.

Over the past week, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and Colorado Gov. Jared Polis have vowed to get to the bottom of the nuisance.

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