Fenn’s treasure has been found


SANTA FE, N.M. (KDVR) — Forrest Fenn has confirmed that the treasure he hid in the Rocky Mountains 10 years ago has been found.

Fenn, a millionaire from Santa Fe, New Mexico, hid a treasure chest full of gold and jewels many years ago, and wrote a poem which he called his ‘treasure map’ that he said would lead treasure seekers right to it.

Many have attempted to find the treasure, some have even died in the process of looking for it.

A Colorado Springs man even sued Fenn because he suspected Fenn gave him “fraudulent statements” about the treasure’s location.

The person who found the treasure emailed Fenn photos of it, and Fenn confirmed it was the real deal.

The finder wants to keep the location a secret, therefore, it will not be revealed.

Although Fenn says he’s a little sad it’s over, he believes the treasure hunt and experiment were both a success.

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