FLASHBACK: UFOs, remote viewing, and spiritual mediums together in Las Vegas


This story originally aired on June 6, 2019 on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, NV.

MYSTERY WIRE — Scientists, skeptics, and psychics gathered in Las Vegas during the first week of June in 2019. They were all here for a special conference created to explore seemingly taboo topics, including UFO’s, remote viewing, and spiritual mediums.

Scientists who’ve put their careers and credibility on the line by studying so-called fringe topics were anxious to share their latest research, not only with colleagues but with the public. 

Tic Tac UFO
This image is from the “Tic Tac” investigation.

Since 2018 when the video showing the now famous 2004 encounter between U.S. Navy pilots and the Tic Tac UFO off the coast of California.

The Pentagon reluctantly acknowledged there was an official program to study UFOs called AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program). One of the other Pentagon programs was carried out in Nevada by BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies), a subcontractor within Bigelow aerospace, financed by the DIA. The chief scientist for BAASS was physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff. 

“Hal was working with the DIA study with BAASS as well as the chief scientific officer for the civilian effort in the field,” said Dr. John Alexander, former U.S. Army Intelligence.  “I should also mention he was also participating in the study I ran 30 years ago.”

John Alexander
Retired U.S. Army Col. John Alexander. (KLAS-TV)

Alexander is from Las Vegas and was a military intelligence colonel. He pursued the UFO mystery for decades. 

It’s no accident he invited Dr. Puthoff to speak at the conference, given the recent explosion of media interest in the Pentagon’s UFO study. 

Puthoff told what he knows about how that study began and some of what he learned. It is one of the highlights at the joint conference of IRVA, which is the International Remote Viewing Association, and SSE, the Society for Scientific Exploration. Both groups include professionals who believe the study of unconventional subjects is a worthwhile pursuit.

“That is the key point,” Alexander said.  “These people are highly credible, highly skilled. There are many professors, MDs and PhDs that are involved and they do want to look at, are willing to look at; they’re not all proponents. Some are true skeptics, but are willing to look at the data.”

The conference is not a gathering of true believers. For example, one SSE member, Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford, recently demolished claims by pitchmen that a skeleton found in Chile was a mummified extraterrestrial. 

Dr. Nolan proved it was a deformed human. 

Remote viewing is a protocol developed for the CIA and tested by the U.S. Army. It was the basis for the George Clooney movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats.”  The technique allows people to project human consciousness across time and space, and it works. 

On Wednesday, attendees will be able to learn how to remote view for themselves as taught by the government’s own psychic spies.  Dr. Puthoff helped create the CIA’s Remote Viewing Program, but for this event, he’ll focus on the Pentagon’s UFO studies.

“So it is interesting the Pentagon is doing this,” said Alexander. “My question is, why aren’t we seeing more?”

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