Giant squid caught on video in US waters near New Orleans

Giant Squid

A giant squid nearly the same size of the one caught on video in the Gulf of Mexico. (Wikimedia Commons)

MYSTERY WIRE — A giant squid has been captured on video about 100 miles southeast of New Orleans, emerging to wrap its tentacles around bait about 2,500 feet below the ocean surface.

It’s only the second time a giant squid has been seen alive in the wild. The creature is estimated at 12 feet in length.

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Dr. Nathan Robinson describes the momentus event aboard the OceanX expedition in this YouTube video:

Edith Widder, one of the leaders of the expedition, has been a part of both missions that have successfully captured images of the creature, which is regarded as the real animal behind the myth of the “Kraken” of maritime lore.

Widder described the ordeal as “one of the more amazing days at sea I’ve ever had.”

The video below shows Widder following the 2013 expedition.

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