Great Pyramid mystery blows up after new claims about ‘Diary of Merer’

Great Pyramid of Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

MYSTERY WIRE — Controversy over the meaning behind a piece of papyrus more than 4,500 years old has escalated after one website’s assertion that it answers big questions about when the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built.

The papyrus is known as the Diary of Merer, and it is described as a logbook of an inspector involved in moving stone blocks.

The dispute surrounds whether “Akhet Khufu” refers to the Great Pyramid, or if it refers to the larger area — the Giza Plateau.

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Matthew Sibson of “Ancient Architects” presents his counterargument in this YouTube video:

Sibson also believes that the Giza Plateau refers to an even larger area, suggesting that there are more ancient Egyptian sites to be found under nearby villages.

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