Hidden in a forest, fairy tale hut is magical experience for visitors


MYSTERY WIRE (Miass, Russia – AP) — In Russia there’s a strange and magical place in the woods near Miass, a small town about 1,000 miles east of Moscow. There you will a mystical fairy’s head emerging from the swamp.

Standing 11 meters tall and 8 meters wide, it has the face of Russian fairy tale character Svyatogor.

The Fairy Head Hut was built by local man Ramis Sebgatulin. The 56-year-old retired worker wanted his construction to recreate the mood of fairy tales. “I looked through so many illustrations, I wanted a ‘Russian spirit’ to be here, like it says in the fairy tale – ‘Russia’s scent’, and so that (the head) would look this way, but not to make it scary, but kind, we should be kinder,” says Sebgatulin.

The site is tremendously popular – the flow of visitors to the site never ends, especially during the weekends.

They come from all over the region, and even from other countries.

“My children and grandchildren made a present for me, it is my birthday today, so they arranged such a celebration for me. It is truly a fairy tale. I am like a child myself, I have climbed everywhere, talked to Baba Yaga, even remembered poems by Pushkin from the school curriculum,” says Natalya Koshkina who is here with her daughter and two grandchildren.

Another visitor Marina Lyoushkina enjoys the tranquillity of the place.

“I am surprised how beautiful it is here, fabulous, nice, great, it is a kind of warm atmosphere, so you can walk around, enjoy the nature, the site, it is fantastic that this good man has created it,” she says.

No fairy dust was used in the construction of the hut.

Instead, it took five years of work, three tons of iron and twelve tons of concrete.

The building is made of foam concrete blocks on a base of metal structures. The face is moulded with concrete.

For Sebgatulin who has worked for 30 years in a foundry, it was his first construction project ever.

“I enjoyed making such big, cumbersome structures because I get the satisfaction from this job, and I learned a lot – to mix concrete, to weld, I never did it before, now I have the experience, I quite respect myself for this,” he says.

Sebgatulin did all the work himself, buying materials with his own money.

His friend Tatyana Vlasova, a professional sculptor, helped with the fairy hero’s face to make sure that all the oversize elements are of the right proportions.

“We didn’t know how Svyatogor should look like, we knew that he is not a young man, as for the colour of the eyes, the face, it just came on,” she says.

The project is dedicated to the Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin.

Sebgatulin even bought a ten-volume set of works by Pushkin.

“I wanted to show children and adults too, that during his short life Pushkin wrote so many works,” he says.

“Inside there are illustrations from fairy tales, it is educational for kids, let it be wallpaper in other places, while I will have pictures from fairy tales. It is interesting for kids, it is educational, we should bring up kids on fairy tales,” he adds.

Apart from Svyatogor’s head, the place is full of all kinds of other fairy characters – a Princess Frog, a magic cabin with chicken legs, and even Baba Yaga.

Sebgatulin enjoys finding magical coincidences in his project.

The ten-volume set of Pushkin’s works were published in the year of his birth, while Pushkin’s poem Ruslan and Lyudmila marks its 200th birthday this year.

“There are so many characters here, Baba Yaga, the forest, miracles happening, so it coincided that this year I finished the work and the poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila” is marking its 200th anniversary, so both Pushkin and I made it – Pushkin imaginatively while me with my own hands,” says the host of the small fairy land.

Sebgatulin already plans to add two new objects to the site but is keeping it secret what these will be.

He hopes they will continue to entertain visitors:

“I will continue (develop this place) in the same theme, the fairy tale theme, both for photos, for emotions, for memories, and just so that people are happy,” he says.

A little Russian magical kingdom.

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