Internal emails show Air Force concern over Colorado drone mystery


MYSTERY WIRE — The drone sightings in northeastern Colorado and western Nebraska dropped off as suddenly as they began. But the effort to reveal the truth behind the mystery is still very much alive.

Media reports have slowed to a crawl, and reports of sightings by the public are quiet. There would be no news at all if not for a Freedom of Information Act filing by Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer researcher working with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. Johnson filed for and received documents showing internal communications of the public affairs office of a US Air Force base in Wyoming. The War Zone has a full report:

READ: Internal Air Force emails show confusion and concern over Colorado’s mystery drones

Warren Air Force Base is home to forces responsible for security at scores of ICBM sites in the area where the drones were reported.

Among the media reports on the drones, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported on Jan. 5 that the drones were likely tied to Warren AFB, which has a program designed to counteract enemy drones. The article suggested the drones might part of testing and training.

Warren quickly denied it.

The emails released after the FOIA request show very little in terms of meaningful communication because they are so heavily redacted. A few descriptions made it through — such as a report from law enforcement that one large “mother ship” drone was accompanied by a group of smaller drones. See The War Zone for a detailed blow-by-blow of what’s in the emails.

But, as The War Zone points out, the documents do show that the government was taking the drones quite seriously. They also show a bit of confusion regarding who might be responsible for the drone sightings. And what about the redacted photos?

Expect the digging to continue, despite the disappointing efforts to redact so many of the details. Speculation that the Federal Aviation Administration used the drones to justify a policy change could turn attention to the FAA next.

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