‘Jet Pack Guy’ strikes again


(Video capture from: instagram.com/slingpilotacademy)

MYSTERY WIRE — Once again the mysterious “Jet Pack Guy” has been spotted flying where only airplanes should be flying.

According to a new story on The Drive, an object that does look like a human wearing a jet pack was spotted by a pilot off the coast of California in a training area near Palos Verdes.

And this time, there’s video of the “Jet Pack Guy” soaring around 3,000′ above the ocean.

Earlier this year in September, pilots reported seeing a similar sight at the same altitude near Los Angeles International Airport.

Then again in mid-October a pilot reported seeing what looked like a person using a jet pack flying near LAX, but this time the person was seen at around 6,000′.

At this time, the “Jet Pack Guy” remains a mystery.

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